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WELCOME TO KAPHUB: Where Culture and Creativity Collide!

KAP Hub, the abbreviation for Kunle Afolayan Productions Hub, is the ultimate fusion of creativity and culture. It’s where art and entertainment throw the party of a lifetime, and you’re cordially invited to join the festivities!

KAP Hub serves as the heart of all things fantastic, housing its parent company, Golden Effects Services Limited, and a lineup of incredibly cool subsidiaries.

We’re talking about KAP Motion Pictures, KAP Film and Television Academy, KAP Cinemas, Reel Circle, KAP Sound Stage Studio, Ire Clothings, and, of course, Afefeyéyé Restaurant & Bar.


afefeyeye kaphub

Now, let’s kick things off with Afefeyéyé Restaurant & Bar.

This is the place where your taste buds will embark on an African culinary adventure that’ll have them dancing with joy.

The interior is a visual masterpiece, adorned with African-inspired decor, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. It’s the ultimate spot to savor a delectable yet wallet-friendly meal.

afefeyeye kaphub

kap cinema

kap cinema kaphub

After a delicious meal we entreat you to KAP Cinema. This is a cinephile’s paradise, featuring 117 regular seats and six VIP spots. It’s the perfect destination for private film screenings, exclusive movie premieres, corporate events, stage plays, conferences, and even brand launches.


kap film and television academy kaphub

KAP Hub goes beyond entertaining you; it also serves as a launchpad for emerging talents with the initiation of KAP FILM AND TELEVISION ACADEMY. It’s a visionary project by our founder, Kunle Afolayan, designed to nurture and train young talents in the captivating world of filmmaking and the arts. Get ready to unleash your inner Spielberg!

Click HERE to apply

kap film and television academy kaphub

ire clothing

ire clothing kaphub

And for all you fashion-forward trendsetters, Ire Clothings is the next stop for all things African and classy. Their collections include Kunleskembe, kunles dansiki, Ire shirt, Ire tshirt, Ire sweatshirt, Ire facecap, and a whole lot more. You’ll be strutting your stuff in style!

ire clothing kaphub

So, there you have it, the lowdown on KAP Hub. It’s the go-to destination for a fusion of entertainment, culture, and creativity.

If you’d like to dive deeper into all the amazing things happening at KAP Hub, don’t hesitate to reach out. Let’s make waves together!


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