cast of ijogbon

IJOGBON: Candid Moments with Some of the Cast

Watch some of the amazing cast of IJOGBON as they spill the beans on their experiences on set, their favorite moments, and the camaraderie between them on screen and off screen.

Cast of Ijogbon

The cast couldn’t help but reminisce about the unique charm and serenity of being at the KAP Film Village and Resort.

They had the opportunity to film at the Film Village and Resort, and they couldn’t stop gushing about the picturesque location and the warm hospitality they received

kap film village and resort
kap film village and resort

During the interview, the cast also delved into the topic of the “japa syndrome” that has affected many young people, they also shared their thoughts about the movie IJOGON and what to expect when you watch it.

Don’t miss the full interview on YouTube to catch all the laughs and behind-the-scenes insights from the cast of “Ijogbon.” It’s a must-watch, check it out on NETFLIX


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