kap physical masterclass

11-Day Film Masterclass Experience at kap academy

Join us as we guide you through our recent physical masterclass—a 11-day immersive experience that unfolded like a reel of dreams.

From the very first frame to the grand finale, our students embarked on a cinematic adventure, refining their skills under the guidance of industry legends.

Crafting Narratives with Kemi Adesoye

Our journey commenced with an exploration on the art of storytelling with Kemi Adesoye’s screenwriting sessions.

An award winning screenwriter, she unraveled the intricacies of telling compelling stories that resonate with audiences.

Producing Excellence with Judith Audu

A force in film producing, Judith shared her wealth of knowledge, uncovering the art and science of bringing a film from concept to reality.

Students gained insights into the logistics, challenges, and triumphs of film production.

Mastering cinematography with TK

With hands-on camera sessions, renowned film maker Tunde Kelani unraveled the secrets behind capturing breathtaking motion pictures and bringing stories to life through the lens using light and other tricks.

directing & production design explained

Enter director Kunle Afolayan, a maestro in the world of directing and production design.

His sessions were a masterclass in themselves, offering a deep dive into the intricacies of shaping narratives and creating visually compelling film worlds.

Editing prowess with yemi & dare

The power of editing to elevate a film’s impact was broken down by our experts Yemi Jolaoso and Damilare Ibrahim.

Our students learned to sculpt their narratives with finesse.

soundscapes with paul & anu

Our sound experts, guided students through the art of creating auditory experiences, ensuring that every project produced is a symphony of sight and sound.


Students learned how to navigate distribution, funding and marketing to enable them turn their creative visions into successful realities.

A Journey Beyond Learning: Friendship & Networking

Beyond the enriching lessons, our masterclass became a melting pot of creativity, fostering friendships and a robust network of creatives.

The camaraderie built during these 11 days is a testament to the power of shared passion and collective dreams.

Announcing the Next Creative Odyssey

As this chapter concludes, a new one awaits. Stay tuned as we announce the dates for our next physical masterclass. This is just the beginning.


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