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ANIKULAPO Soundtrack Album Release – Folk Music at its Best!

The Yoruba traditional culture is one that heavily thrives on a value system that entertains, teaches and guides all at once in the acts of dance, music and imitation.

You can argue that the bedrock of the Yoruba culture is entertainment. Dances to celebrate glad tidings, to mark beginning and end of seasons – symbolism, to entertain at festivals, and as a means of identification i.e age groups. Music to teach values and morals, to tell stories and preserve the way of life of the people. Imitation to connect the physical realm with the spiritual through mime by the spiritual leader of the people i.e chief priest, priestess.

In Anikulapo, we see these things play out, representing the culture of the Yoruba people with the dance and festivities of the opening scene, songs that express their elation or whatever emotion they feel at each given point in time.

Having properly used music and songs for tangible reasons in the movie, world-class folk music was produced by Kent Edunjobi for KAP Music and not only are these songs sensational, they were carefully written and professionally mastered.

The music for sure aided the purgation of emotion and empathy in the audience, pulled them closer into the story and aided the telling of the story.

We promised you some weeks ago that these songs will be released for your listening pleasure and artistic perusal.

With an ensemble of original folk songs performed by Kent Edunjobi for Kunle Afolayan Productions (KAP) Music, the album hosts 3 songs that speak about the prominent themes in Anikulapo from Aigboran (Disobedience) to Ojukokoro (Covetousness) and Igba Nba Jo (When I Ought to Dance) with 10 scores that singers can get a license for to create their own music with.

Stream here https://fanlink.to/anikulapo

The album is now streaming on all music platforms i.e Spotify, Apple Music etc

You should stream the album and remind yourself of the intricacies of life and the importance of the decisions you make as they go on to shape who you are, what you do and who you become.

After all, what’s life without good music?

Stream Anikulapo album today.

Ire o! 


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