Anikulapo’s Awarun – Sola Sobowale Speaks On Her Sugar Mummy Act, Kindness and Foresight.

The African culture is one that over the years has gained more attention, thanks to the artists, researchers, and Africans themselves for showcasing the African heritage, belief systems and standing for what is rightfully theirs, verbally and actively.

Anikulapo is one of the art that highlights the African culture from the scope of love, community, leadership, and interpersonal relationships.

The truth is Africans are gradually losing sight of their heritage and with his recent work of art- Anikulapo, Kunle Afolayan prods them towards the right direction of remembrance, inclusion, and representation. This is essential because it is only when Africans know who they are that they’ll be able to show others the beauty of their world- our world.

In this interview, Sola Sobowale together with Kunle Afolayan shares their view on the kaleidoscope of the African culture, the people, and the art as they talk about their journey through the making of Anikulapo. Kunle Afolayan as the Director and an actor, Sola Sobowale as an actor, threading a new ground of pure Yoruba act.

They both talked about their experiences on working together on the set of Anikulapo.

Awarun is known for her sugar mummy lifestyle, some say she was kind to Saro, while others say she only used him and maybe got attached along the line. Another interesting point is that she’s a mummy that gives sugar and the mummy cannot be taken out of the sugar hence, she shows genuine care and concern to Saro.

In this interview, she talks about her act as Awarun in Anikulapo, the challenges, expectations, and enthusiasm before and after filming Anikulapo. Of course, as you know that she’s a wiz at what she does, she ate her act up and left no crumbs. In this exclusive interview, she talks about these and did a profound appreciation of the African people, culture, and art.

Catch a glimpse here

Don’t forget, you’re African.
Beautiful and colorful,
radiating like the first ray of sunshine at
You sneeze and the earth is filled with color and sunshine
Your dark skin – the very epitome of essence and beauty
Your physique- perfectly carved.
Shine on through life,
Wear your hair with confidence
Strut in your dark skin with grace
Take on the world,
You are Eledumare’s masterpiece.

Ire o!


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