Saro and Arolake – The Sizzling Sensational Acts Settle Scores.

Once bitten twice shy they say but Anikulapo tells a story otherwise.

Ever since it’s release on Friday 30th of September, the Netflix original – Anikulapo has been a sizzling sensation, bringing about various hot take.

How does a man experience great success only to bring about his own downfall and how does a woman forfeit her place as the King of Oyo’s favorite Queen to lust and a one-night-stand-turned-affair with a stranger?

There are so many arguments as to what these two characters did wrong and what they could have done better. It is quite intriguing that the story told in Anikulapo, set in 1702 is similar to the real life happenings in 2022 around the world.
It shows that for one, it is a universal story of love and lust, exposing the weakness of man where sex, emotion, power, wealth and a frail mind exists.
Some say Saro was a victim of circumstance but was he?

Others say Arolake was the victim but do victims find ways to further victimize themselves or they find ways to seek healing?

The internet is split in teams.

Watch the Interview Here https://youtu.be/NM

Anikulapo is streaming on Netflix and in a week since its release, its already in Top 10 on Netflix in 42 countries. If you’ve not seen it, subscribe to Neflix and enjoy premium content with family and friends, hop on the hot takes on the internet and don’t forget to use #anikulapothemovie, and also subscribe to our Youtube channel – KAP TV for more interesting film content

Whether you’re team Saro or Arolake, watch this interview to see how they both settle their differences.

Even though upon still, scum has no gender but Saro is the scumest of them all…

Ire o!


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