In 30 Days!

The many choices you make at different points in time of your life shapes your personality and tells the story of your existence.

In 30 days, you’ll catch the thrills that’ll keep you edged on your seat and glued to your screen, making you share the empathy of Saro, his mystical powers – the blessing and the curse, the good, bad, and the ugly as you watch a story of love, betrayal, deceit, anger, hatred, lust and selfishness all woven around the choices he made.

Tani odale? Who’s the betrayer?

Is it Saro or the Oyo chiefs? What sort of boldness makes a man defy death and have it in a chokehold? Wouldn’t you love to find out whose side you’ll be on?

This is no story like any you have heard or seen before, it is first of its kind being the first Netflix original to be made in a local dialect.

Keep your fingers crossed as we countdown to the release of Kunle Afolayan’s Anikulapo on 30th of September, 2022, available on Netflix and cinemas!

Let the countdown begin!

Ire o!


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