AMAA 2021; We Came, we saw, and We won!!!

It is true what Antoine Griezmann said that “With hard work and effort, you can achieve anything”.

The Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) that took place on the 28th of November did not happen without leaving a piece of itself with us, which, was well deserved. KAP Music label not only earned but brought home the award for best soundtrack in the movie Citation. 

This win would have been nothing without the masterminds behind the soundtracks; Anu Afolayan who worked on the music score alongside Kofo WonderAbosede Peace, and Kent Edunjobi, all of who devoted their vocal cords to the songs.

The Citation EP which is a five-track project contains soundtracks such as ‘Sometimes’, ‘Cava Senegal’, ‘Moremi’, ‘Senegal Bi Ge Niale’, and ‘Senorita’. I can say with my full chest that these songs are a hit, and you should listen to them even AMAA agrees. The songs are still streaming on the links highlighted below, so go and enjoy. Ire! https://kapmusicdistribution.hearnow.com/ https://music.apple.com/us/album/citation-ep/1541449923 https://music.youtube.com/playlist?list=OLAK5uy_mEtNScImKO_7AGgkTsgec4WkhFwgALGMo https://music.yandex.com/album/12878851?lang=en https://www.claromusica.com/album/15842789/MX https://music.line.me/webapp/artist/mi00000000142a7681


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