We Are Back on Netflix!!!

The third quarter of the year has been interesting, and it keeps getting better😀. I can’t emphasize enough how exciting it has been but guess what people, not one, not two but all the movies produced by KAP Motion Pictures and Golden Effects Pictures are back on Netflix! 😃

The return of these movies to Netflix, among other things, puts the berry on the icing for this month. All our favorite megahit movies from Swallow, to Citation, The Figurine, Tenants of the House, The Bridge, The CEO, October 1, name it, are available on Netflix.

Also the first Christmas movie of its kind, “A Naija Christmas” will be coming out exclusively on Netflix on the 16th of December. Make sure to subscribe to Netflix, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy some November to remember alongside a hilarious December with KAP Films😉. Ire!


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