A Director and More

It is no news that the processes involved in making movies are a lot, from preproduction to postproduction. Believe us when we say that it takes more than willingness and a strong mind to make it happen and that is why when movies make a successful debut on the big screen then it is only expected that they are acknowledged. 


That is why today, we are doffing our hats to Director Kunle Afolayan who in this blog will be referred to as the hottest director on the block because he has successfully directed and produced not one but two blockbusters within the space of one year amidst the pandemic and hustle. 

Director Kunle Afolayan came through with the release of the movie ‘Citation’ in October 2020, and this blockbuster is still widely celebrated across the continent. But that’s not all, he released another mind-blowing movie titled ‘Swallow’, and it is presently trending on Netflix. 

Director Afolayan testing the waters of Art

Director Afolayan has not only produced movies within the space of 1 year but has also redefined his creative space ‘KAP Hub’ into something beyond just a Hub. Respect must be given to whom respect is due and we can proudly say that Director Kunle Afolayan is more than a director and he deserves all the respect and accolades the world can give. Ire! 


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