Fun Moments Captured at KAP Hub Opening

A certain great man did say “Work hard, Have fun and Make history…” 

We worked hard to achieve the opening of KAP Hub but we are not done, we made history because in years to come we won’t be forgotten, we etched our imprint on the landmark and we did not forget to have fun. Check out the video below to see how we turned up at KAP Opening.


The connection, laughter, good time and moments shared were truly beautiful and they will be remembered for the longest time not just because they are memories but because that is what KAP Hub is about.

We work hard, we have fun and we make a difference but not without you guys, KAP Cinema and Afefeyeye Restaurant and Bar will be open to everyone on the 15th of October. Come and have fun with us… Ire!                


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