A Courtesy Visit from the Commissioner for Tourism, Arts and Culture

On Thursday, the 16th of September KAP Hub was honored with the presence of Lagos State Commissioner for Tourism, Arts and Culture, Pharmacist (Mrs.) Uzamat Akinbile-Yussuf and 2 of her retinue.

During the visit, the Commissioner and her retinue with Mr. Kunle Afolayan leading, took a tour around the hub. 

Taking in the artistic and cultural essence of both the Hub and its extensions, the Commissioner did not only express her admiration for Mr. Afolayan’s works but also commended his undying efforts to uphold the arts, values, and crux of the Nigerian Culture. Check out a snippet of how the tour went.

The Commissioner further mentioned that the Hub is a very beautiful place with details worthy enough to be seen by everyone who appreciates art and culture and upon the completion of the ongoing project she said that it would be endorsed as a tourist destination. So while we wait in anticipation of the best things to come, here’s a snippet of the tour with the Commissioner.

Look, guys, our journey at KAP Hub has only begun because we are building a capacity so large it will amaze the world; Completion work of KAP Hub extensions is still in progress and we are still hanging on in excitement to 30th of September so, brace yourselves because we will be in your faces without hesitating. Ire!


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