The Essence of Music: Swallow

Have you ever watched a movie without music in it? It feels empty like there is a missing element, and without it, it is just dialogues and acting. Music affects our mood; it can make us cry, laugh, feel displaced, alone, or even awkward. Even the genre type of music in a movie can impact our reaction to several scenes in that movie.

Swallow is a movie that talks about real-life issues, and for a movie like that there is no doubt that the music in it will be anything short of passionate. The music in this movie not only acts as a reflection of culture but, outlines the emotional scenery of the narrative, and also acts as a narrator in itself, subtly commenting, and supporting the entirety of the story. 

The music in the movie Swallow was not just carefully selected but some were sung and produced exclusively for the movie. The beautiful part about all of this is that the songs will not only be available but the scores as well, this way you do not only listen to the song but sing along with it. Here is a snippet of some of the songs.

The essence of each music composed for Swallow with each score written to complement the emotional tone of each scene and still connect us to the significance of the story cannot be emphasized enough. Believe us when we say the songs are worth listening to over and over again because they are. Ire. 


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