Five Motivational Quotes from Kunle Afolayan to get you Through the Week

If you aren’t springing out of bed on a Monday morning you are either living your best life or there is a problem. “Living for the weekend” is not a long-term strategy but we understand how it gets people through the week. The mere thought of leaving the sweet comfort of your bed every morning could be very exhausting and we can totally “relate” to that feeling, that is why we are bringing you these motivational quotes from our CEO Mr. Afolayan with the hope that it encourages you through the week.

Keep Dreaming and Dream Big: 

“I’m a dreamer, the only thing that can stop me from achieving is when I stop dreaming”… Don’t stop dreaming, keep the spirit high and keep the hopes up because slowly but surely things will begin to fall in place.

Be Unique: 

“I never planned to have a clothing line but I like to be different, so I decided to use Adire fabric to make kembes. After I designed and made some for myself, people liked it; that was why I decided to make a business out of it.” Try to put a touch of “you” into your activities and be happy with yourself. Also if you are wondering what this clothing line is about, check out Ireclothings on Instagram, feed your eyes and place your orders 😁. Click (Here) to check it out.

Stay Positive: 

“I am a hustler now. I hustle, I did some labor jobs, and in short I did a lot but I didn’t stop because I knew I was headed somewhere and I had to get there”. Stick to the big picture you have and be positive it will be your reality.

Invest in Yourself:

Business success requires training and discipline and hard work”. Learn something new and acquire that skill.

Give yourself a break: 

“When you have the opportunity to spend quality time with the family, just do it and spend good time with them”. Last but not the least, cut yourself some slack, have fun and release some stress. Try to remember you deserve a good break sometimes. Ire o!


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