Pushing Boundaries and Changing the Narrative with our Productions

Show of hands if you love a really good story! Ours are definitely up, so keep reading for we want to share a little story about how we’ve been striving to change and push the African narrative across borders. FYI, this is not your regular kinda story.

It all started in 2005 with the creation of Golden Effects Pictures by a revolutionary in the film industry – Kunle Afolayan. His passion and dream to establish a global recognition for the Nigerian film market led to production of many great film masterpieces. One of the many reasons why we love this story is the interview sessions he had in different parts of the world. In these interviews, he gave deep insight into the film industry and how we can take advantage of the mainstream distribution system to spread the African narrative to the world – we can as well call it another film master class with Kunle Afolayan, if you get our drift 😎.

Anyway, we want to share some of these interview clips with you, so you’d see exactly what we are talking about:

Kunle Afolayan’s Interview with CNN in 2011

What we took out of this interview is this, “it’s not about the quantity of films you produce, but it’s about the quality of the film”. And back then when DVDs were the main distribution channel, it was quite difficult to change the game in the film industry – but not for this man (Kunle Afolayan). Watch his interview session with CNN to see how he did it!

Phone Swap’s Premiere at the Cinema Africa Film Festival in Tokyo, Japan (2013) – Part 1
Phone Swap’s Premiere at the Cinema Africa Film Festival in Tokyo, Japan (2013) – Part 2

If pushing beyond boundaries and changing the African narrative was an event, then the premiere of Phone Swap at Japan’s largest television network in 2013 (NHK) would be it. Phone Swap was used to illustrate the economy of Africa and it attracted the highest level of attention at the 7 days event. See for yourself.

Kunle Afolayan’s Interview with Arise TV News UK
Kunle Afolayan’s Interview with BBC News in 2014

October 1 is another great movie that completely changed the African narrative in the global film industry. If you’ve ever wondered how Kunle Afolayan developed a great reputation in the global market and how he has pushed the boundaries in film beyond limit, then this insightful interview is for you.

Kunle Afolayan’s Interview with CNN African Voices

The final interview on our list is that of CNN African Voices. A platform known to recognize trendsetters from different parts of the world who are all about “changing perceptions and pushing limits”. This interview is enriched with great insights that you definitely need to know about.


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