#EndPoliceBrutality: Here’s what we have to say about the ongoing protest in Nigeria.

Who would have thought the next global hashtag to trend would come from Nigeria? This shows how united we are, and the great support we have from far and wide. Honestly, a revolution has truly begun!✊

The fight against police brutality and violence is a battle that has been in existence since the days of our forefathers… the life story of the late legendary Fela Kuti, is one among many stories of how hard they tried to mobilize a revolution to fight for good governance in Nigeria. May his soul as well as our forefathers keep resting in peace.

But at last, the revolution has finally begun, and from all indications our voices are being heard loud and clear in different parts of the world.

In honour of the Felabration of the late great Fela Anikulapo Kuti, let’s celebrate with our placards reading “#PayPolicenotPolitician” “WeareCreativesnotCriminals” “#EndPoliceBrutality,” and all other hashtags, to commend our efforts, that of the iconic Fela Kuti as well as our forefathers.

To every protester, no matter where you are, as long as you lend your voice to the fight against police brutality and violence in Nigeria, the entire team at KAP Hub raise our clinched fists in support of the great movement in motion. We urge you to always remember the motive behind our protest and not get carried away. Together, we will END police brutality and have our 7 point demands acknowledged.

To further inspire this movement, here’s a little video we’ve put together:


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