Celebrating Yinka Adewale as she Joins the US Army!

We are proud to announce the newest addition to the United States Army – SPC Adewale, our 1st assistant cameraman on Citation.

In January 2020, she took her oath of enlistment in California as a Specialist in the army. This exciting news was also shared on her Instagram page with the caption “Today, I am somebody nobody thought I could be.” A great motivation for everyone out there… you can always be whoever you choose to be!

Our journey with SPC Adewale dates back to the production of the Netflix original movie, Citation. Her passion for filmmaking was quite obvious for all to see. After gaining her Masters degree in Film and Media production from The New York Film Academy, she began her journey with us on the set of Citation, working alongside the award winning Director of Photography, Jonathan Kovel. On set, her diligence and dedication could be spotted from a mile away… literally, you could hear her announce from afar, “Points! Camera coming through!” to inform everyone nearby that she’s approaching with the camera lenses and camera, to avoid any accidental collision.

We’ve known SPC Adewale for her “service before self” attitude, which is highly appreciated by the entire team at Golden Effects Pictures and KAP Motion Pictures. In a little chat with the team, she shared her innate passion to also join the military while being a filmmaker. We guess she’s officially crossed joining the military off her checklist.

Although SPC Adewale has ventured into a daring career in the military, she will always be a part of our family ❤️.