Acronym: KAP Hub

Full name: Kunle Afolayan Production Hub

Founder/CEO: Kunle Afolayan

Industry: Cultural Center

Parent Company: Golden Effects Services Limited

Subsidiaries: KAP Motion Pictures, KAP Film & Television Academy, KAP Cinemas, KAP Television, and KAP Sound Stage Studio

Who we are?

KAP Hub, an acronym for Kunle Afolayan Production Hub is a creative cultural center that houses the parent company; Golden Effects Services Limited, and its subsidiaries; KAP Motion Pictures, KAP Film and Television Academy, KAP Cinemas, KAP Television, KAP Sound Stage Studio, and Afefeyéyé Restaurant & Bar. Based in Lagos Nigeria, the production hub is owned by the Nigerian actor, film producer, and director, Kunle Afolayan.

Our History

KAP Hub began as an idea that was conceptualized a decade ago by the founder, Kunle Afolayan. In July 2005, the parent company, Golden Effects Services Limited was incorporated as a production house (Golden Effects Pictures) involved in the production of films, documentaries, television commercials, music videos, film equipment rentals, and film consultations, before its expansion into subsidiary brands offering services under the name KAP Hub.

On the 10th of October, 2020 KAP Hub was appraised by the French ambassador to Nigeria, Jérôme Pasquier as well as the Consul general and the French delegates, for its enabling environment for art, culture, the entertainment industry, and tourism. The concept for the hub’s structure was a design visualized by Afolayan. The walls are a visual representation of the productions released under Golden Effects Pictures and KAP Motion Pictures. These wall visual representations are of two variants; The set prints and the production prints.

On the 12th of October, 2020 the hub was inspected by the special adviser to the Lagos State governor on tourism, art and culture; Mr Solomon Bonu, and the CEO of Culturatti, Idris Aregbe. In the same month, the Director General of the National Film and Video censors Board (NFVCB), Alhaji Adedayo Thomas surveyed the facility. The feedback from both visits was of a positive nature and it centered on the hubs strong root in the cultural heritage and creative space in Nigeria.

On the 8th of October, 2020 Golden Effects Pictures and KAP Motion Pictures partnered with Ford Foundation to screen the Netflix Original Movie, Citation to the undergraduate students in Nigeria. This screening was done in KAP Hub.

In May 2021, the Director-General of the Centre for Black and African Arts & Civilization (CBAAC), Olubunmi Ayobami Amao toured the Hub. Amidst this tour, the Director-General struck a deal with Afolayan to make a documentary on the artifacts collected during the festival of Arts and Culture (FESTAC ’77)

The Businesses in KAP Hub

Golden Effects Services Limited

Golden Effects Services is a limited liability company incorporated in July 2005 as a film production company. Prior to its expansion, Golden Effects Services Limited was known as Golden Effects Pictures. This company revolved around film production, editing, film equipment rentals, and film consulting, until the establishment of KAP Motion Pictures in 2015. With the incorporation of the subsidiary: KAP Motion Pictures, Golden Effects Pictures was rebranded to Golden Effects Services Limited, focusing its services on film equipment rentals, film consultancy, and line production.

Productions under Golden Effects Pictures: Irapada (Redemption), Figurine (Araromire), Phone Swap, Omugwo, The Tribunal, Roti, and October 1.

KAP Motion Pictures

On the 12th of October, 2015 KAP Motion Pictures was established as a subsidiary to take over the production of the films owned by Kunle Afolayan. This production company also partners with brands and individuals to produce different content.

Productions under KAP Motion Pictures:

Mokalik, The CEO, Citation

KAP Sound Stage Studio

Located at the east wing of the Hub, the KAP sound stage studio is a soundproof structure with a multipurpose 200 holding capacity. The structure is set to provide a controlled filming environment for film and reality television production, photoshoot, and art exhibition and installations.

KAP Television

KAP Television is a Value Added Service license holder (VAS), and an active YouTube page consisting of contents from KAP Hub, KAP Motion Pictures, and Golden Effects Pictures. The founder intends to expand the network into a television network and a content aggregator.

To visit KAP Television YouTube page, click (Here)

KAP Film and Television Academy

KAP Film and Television Academy is fitted with bespoke tutorial teaching facilities and veteran film professionals. Its holding capacity is 100 persons, and it can serve as a conference room, workshop and seminar hall. The Academy specializes in offering special film programs for kids, hands-on experiences in film and television, and digital online programs in film and television.

KAP Cinema

KAP Cinema is recorded as a premium 117 regular seater structure with 6 VIP seater provision. Its multipurpose setting is set up for private film screenings, movie premieres, corporate events, stage plays, conferences and brand launches.

Afefeyéyé Restaurant & Bar

Kunle Afolayan’s love for live bands and the Nigerian culture is seen in his restaurant and bar: Afefeyéye. A notable feature about this facility is its lounge, live bands and garden landscape scenery. Entertainment executives, A-list writers, musicians, actors, filmmakers, visual artists, advertisers, designers, and diverse clientele within the creative space unwind at this restaurant and bar. Exquisite intercontinental and African dishes and drinks are prepared by professional chefs in a state-of-the-art kitchen.

Now You Know Our History