A Hub, A Film School, and the Second Phase of Our Project.


Hi guys!

So we decided to try something new this year, which is to blog about our everyday life and the new project we are working on. For those who do not know our founder, let’s reintroduce him… his name is Kunle Afolayan, a film director, producer and an actor. Anyway, we know the year 2020 was not what you expected and we can imagine how the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting you. More reason why we need to be there for one another, hence our blog to let you in on our latest project which we’re certain will be very beneficial to you.

Now, we’re sure at some point, you would have experienced one or more of these: 

  • Desired a film school that can help harness your talent and open great doors for you into the film industry
  • Searched for a quality film equipment rental company for your project (which we would love to see one day)
  • Wished to record a video, shoot photos or host an event but literally could not find the right location to match your taste
  • Required quality audio post-production studio for your contents
  • Looked for a restaurant that will satisfy your cravings and taste buds
  • Wondered where you could find a chilled hang out spot to unwind.

We know you are in awe as to how we know these… don’t worry, we are not spying on you, only did a little background check. As a friend, we focused our new project on satisfying your needs. This is an idea that was conceptualized years ago by our founder – Kunle Afolayan. After the establishment of our parent company, Golden Effects Pictures in 2005, we decided to branch into other fields so we can really impact lives… isn’t this a great strategy?

Initially, Golden Effects Pictures was involved in the production of films, documentaries, television commercials, music videos, film equipment rentals and film consultations; but with our decision to go into other demanding areas in the film industry, we decided to expand Golden Effects Pictures into subsidiary brands offering specialized services under the name KAP Hub. This was the first phase of our project.


I know you’re eager for a tour of KAP Hub… Don’t worry, we’ve got you with a little tour ?

Now back to what we were saying… in this first phase, we created a new film company  KAP Motion Pictures to take over the production of films and other contents from Golden Effects Pictures. You may have come across these productions under KAP Motion pictures ?

With KAP Motion pictures now focused on film production, Golden Effects Pictures now strictly deals in film equipment rental services, film consultancy services and line production services. Take a look at these film equipment, be rest assured that you will be satisfied with the quality of your content ? If you can’t get enough of these equipment, wait till you see what’s on our Instagram page (@goldeneffectspictures)

Still on the first phase of our project, We will officially be opening a Film Academy called KAP Film & Television Academy fitted with a bespoke tutorial centre with holding capacity of 100 persons which can also serve as a conference room, workshop or seminar hall. Imagine gaining hands-on experience from veteran and great film professionals with in-depth industry experience and also gain exposure to diverse film making tools while being on set of different movies, wouldn’t this be a great environment to learn? We specially designed this project to provide all these and more to people who are passionate about art, creativity, television, film and the new media. We believe in the saying, ‘Ohun ti a ba fi okan si, lai s’aare, lo n di sise’  which means ‘whatever we put our mind to without relenting, comes to fulfillment.’ with this in mind, it really doesn’t matter if you’ve never worked or been in these fields before, as long as you have the zeal to learn, anything is possible.

In summary, KAP Film & Television Academy offers the following:

  • Special film programs for kids
  • Hands-on experiences in film and television
  • Digital Online programs in film and television.

Moving on to the second phase of our project, already in the pipeline are:

  • KAP Cinema:

Situated in a serene environment, this 117 regular seater structure with 6 VIP seater provision will be built to provide a 360-viewing experience. Imagine hosting your private screening or premiering your movie in such an exclusive atmosphere, wouldn’t that be great? We definitely know we would be attending such event. Okay, we know not everyone would release a movie anytime soon, but wouldn’t you love to have exclusive access to top rated movies from around the world and also a physical tour of a film production structure alongside other cinematic pleasures? Think about it…

  • Sound Stage Studio:

Having been on the set of different productions, we realized that a common problem experienced on set is not having control over your environment. In other words, there are limits to what you can do in a fixed location, but with a sound studio, you gain ultimate control of your environment and the power to manipulate your space to whatever creative atmosphere you can imagine. This insight birthed this aspect of our project – the development of a Sound Stage Studio with a holding capacity of 200, which would be among the services rendered by Golden Effects Pictures. So, with this Sound Stage Studio, you can have control over your videoaudio and photo shoot or even create the perfect ambiance for your reality television show!

But guess what, this facility would also be enjoyed by students attending the KAP Film & Television Academy. We designed this space to not only help students with the practical aspect of their programs in the academy but also to provide visual artists from around the world a space for their art exhibitions and installations. Just imagine your amazing art collections being displayed for different audiences including notable individuals affiliated with KAP Hub who love great art pieces! personally, we are art enthusiast and may be your potential buyer  ?

  • KAP Televison:

We still remember our debut film – Irapada which we produced in 2006. After post-production and the movie was released, we could not help but think about the great satisfaction felt by many film professionals when their content hit the big screen. This feeling conceptualized the idea of KAP Television. Already active on Youtube, the second phase of this project involves extending into a television network to enable different individuals share their content to the world at ease.

We bet you know we are full of surprises ? so the perk here is that, with the Value Added Service licence (VAS) issued by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), we have the liberty to be aggregators for content providers and  telecommunication providers. So this way, we will help you monetize your music videos, movies, animations, caller tunes, and any other content of yours. As we said, our project is all about you ❤️

  • Restaurant and Bar:

If you know us well, you’ll know we love having fun and eating good food! That’s why we also included a space just for that, where different creatives within the creative space – writersmusiciansactorsfilmmakersvisual artistsadvertisersdesigners and the likes can come together to unwind, eat exquisite dishes, drink and interact with one another. The best part of this experience is that you’ll have the opportunity of touring a film production house, and meeting different creatives from around the world while being entertained by a live band.

Talking about all these makes us really excited! We know you are excited too. Anyway, we’ll let you know once the second phase of this project is up and running, but for the meantime we will keep you updated with what’s happening at our end so you don’t miss out on the great activities at KAP Hub

Oh, before we forget, we are almost done with the post production of our latest movie “Citation” which features great faces like Joke Silva, Haitian – French model, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Gabriel Afolayan and introducing Temi Otedola to name a few. Set to premier this year, it will also be available on Netflix but we’ll keep the date a secret for now ?. We can’t wait till you see this movie, you’re going to love it!



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