Happy new year from us at kap hub

2022 – Dreams & Reality

For us at KAP HUB, 2022 was one hell of a rollercoaster. And that is putting it mildly. We kicked off the year with preproduction for ANIKULAPO – A Netflix original. In our search for the perfect location for Saro and Arolake, we happened on a beautiful expanse of land in Igbojaye, Oyo state. We built the set from the ground up, creating our own town/community for the film. If you still haven’t watched the movie, click HERE



You will agree that the mind of a creative is like the wheels on a bus that goes round and round, literally, with no days off.

The idea of a film village stemmed from the need to create a haven, a community for creatives and like minds to rest, reset, develop and flourish. It is scenic and promotes oneness and connection with nature

If you are a creative that craves solitude, serenity, and nature, you will love it at KAP Film Village and Resort.

Through sheer grit, naija entrepreneurial spirit, and consistency, I am happy to announce that we are 70% done and can not wait to open our doors to you.

We have a wide range of farm animals, 80 room capacity, a pool overlooking the mountains, a gym, a tree house restaurant and so many engagements & entertainment lined up for our guests, but most importantly, what we have done is create job opportunities for the people of Igbojaye.

We have empowered them and we are still empowering them because we are just getting started. 

Click HERE to read more about KAP Film Village and Resort

KAP Film & Television Academy

In 2022, we also opened up applications to the KAP Film and Television Academy, admitted and graduated over 4000 students and we partnered with Master Card Foundation to achieve this. In 2023, we are looking at doing even more numbers, so if you or someone you know is interested in learning the ropes in filmmaking, production, scriptwriting, editing, the business of film, and so much more, click HERE to apply. Classes start on the 16th of January.


KAP HUB 2022 Recap Video

2022 was a great year nonetheless. We have put a run down of everything that happened in 2022, watch the video below to see what we got up to, or click HERE

I would like to use this opportunity to thank the entire staff of KAP HUB, the creative team, clients, partners, and everyone who believes in us, I appreciate you.

We started 2022 with the preproduction of Anikulapo and we ended the year with the preproduction of another Netflix original. Keep your eyes on us.

As 2023 begins, I would like to implore you to go out and happen to life, do not wait for life to happen to you. Your dreams are valid and can become reality, so keep dreaming while putting in the work. Opportunities abound!

HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR! and cheers to a fulfilling 2023.

Ire O


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