Anikulapo – The Communal Acceptance & Art of Love

Community is the bedrock of human interaction and no human can thrive in solitude.

Also, it is a common saying that culture is a way of coping with the world by defining it in details. This also points to the fact that life is what we make it and with the common agreement between a group of people – community, beliefs are formed and culture is birthed.

Anikulapo as it is known is an African story that highlights the different shades of love through the telescopic eyes of culture and tradition. Culture is one that leaves no stone unturned in the refining of human values.

If community is the bedrock of human interaction, love is definitely of essence for without love, how will a man look past his neighbor’s flaws and keep a healthy positive relationship with him? A healthy relationship rid of hatred, anger and, many other vices that plague an unstable society.

Shot and filmed in the native towns of Oyo State – Komu, Igbojaye and Babaode – 3 sister towns known for their peaceful, humble communal life, it is safe to say Anikulapo is a product of love and society.

Welcomed with open arms by the Monarchs and traditional leaders of these town, Kunle Afolayan and his team made it to KAP Film Village & Resorts to Screen Anikulapo for the people of Igbojaye and the neighboring towns, to show them the end result of the great work they all directly and indirectly contributed to its success.

L-R Oniro of Komu Land and Olugbo of Igbojaye Land
L-R Oloonko of Babaode Land & Olugbo of Igbojaye Land
Olugbo of Igbojaye Land
Oloonko of Babaode Land

As a means of appreciation and honor,the people and their leaders were invited to the Film Village where the screening took place, all and sundry enjoyed it. In celebration, they wined and dined.

Being an indigene, Kunle Afolayan was more than happy to state that he enjoys and appreciates the love and support the community heads and people have always shown him since inception of the building of the Film Village and during the filming of Anikulapo.

He encouraged the young ones to focus on their studies, dream big and chase it till the dream is achieved.

Femi Adebayo, Sodiq Adebayo – his brother and Anikulapo’s Production Manager (PM) were also in attendance.

In his speech to the people, Kunle Afolayan explained how the construction of KAP Film Village & Resorts will encourage societal growth, provide jobs and how it’ll attract the availability of social amenities like water, light and infrastructures. KAP Film Village & Resorts is still under construction and so far, great work has been done. The construction of a 40-room hotel with its unconventional structure and the many side attractions that are being put in place, it’ll end up being a beautiful place perfect for a family vacation, a getaway, baecations and tourist attraction.

It was beautiful to see how celebrated and communally acceptable Anikulapo is to the people of Igbojaye, Oyo State. Indeed, “Eniyan L’aso” people are one’s covering.

WATCH FULL CLIP HERE https://youtu.be/yVoVScJLbwA

If you have nothing and you have a community and people you can bank on, you’ll do exploits.

Build bridges, don’t burn them.
Ire o


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