Release Of Anikulapo Official Trailer

A handsome young man stumbles on good luck when he finds himself in Oyo where a wealthy woman helps him find his feet and eventually, has an illicit affair with him. Being great at his craft, he soon became popular and his good looks made
him every woman’s dream.

Everything seemed to be going well with him until he took a liking to one of the Queens of the great Oyo Empire. The feeling is mutual hence they begin to have an affair.

Saro soon runs out of luck and the law catches up with him but the Queen – Arolake’s love for him helps him escape the cold hands of death, find his feet and eventually amass wealth in a strange land as man and wife. As smooth as their love ship sails, a turbulent storm awaits them because of a need that Arolake, now Saro’s wife, couldn’t meet.

Will their love stand the test of time? Will Saro’s ability to defy death catch up with him this time? When will Saro pay the debt he owes death?

Anikulapo is one of filmmaker – Kunle Afolayan’s slate movie with Netflix, his interest in African stories has once again been piqued with this movie, telling the African story in a new dimension, and showing the universality of the human emotions yet defined in peculiar cultural background and beliefs.

Anikulapo will be released on 30th of September 2022 on Netflix while the limited theatrical release dates will be announced soon. The Netflix Original is set to knock your hat off and keep you glued to your screen from start to finish.

Watch the official trailer here.

Feed your eyes with this trailer while your mind imagines what the story promises and how the events will unfold.

Ire o!


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