Nigerian Film Commission Signs Memorandum Of Understanding With KAP Film & Television Academy.

Nigerian Film Corporation (NFC) is the government film agency in Nigeria and National Film Institute (NFI) is the leading institute under the NFC umbrella.

On Thursday, 21st of July 2022, MD of NFC, DR. Chidia Maduekwe, and Rector of NFI, Prof Jeremiah Methuselah signed a Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) to certify the 300,000 students that will pass through the KAP E-Learning program for the next three years.

The signing was also to certify that the Mastercard Young Africa Works and KAP Film and Television Academy initiative has syllabus and training support from NFI and to ascertain the possibility of an exchange program between KAP Academy and NFI students.

This means that students will have a certificate branded by KAP Academy and NFI, making their certification a valid and recognized one in film education.

Not many institutes are in partnership with NFI. 

This makes KAP Film and Television Academy honored and privileged, making it a film institution in the top league of film schools in Nigeria, the said partnership proves the quality of education dished out at the Academy.

Students of the Academy can be sure they are getting the best film education when they enroll in the program.

Our mantra is to raise the next crop of excellent filmmakers in Nigeria, and of course, weโ€™re playing our part to see that come true.

Play your part of being among this next crop by applying for the E-Learning Program at now!

Grab this opportunity now and thank yourself for it later.

Ire o!

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  1. This is such a great opportunity for me oo I have been wanting to go to a film academy nd here d a great one nd Iโ€™m going to grap an opportunity to be among the choosen..thank u for this platform I really do appreciate๐Ÿ™

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