In commemoration of the Muslim celebration; Eid Al-Adha, KAP-Hub organized a musical fest for people to merry and dance. This fest was sponsored by Goldberg.

With Waka Queen- Salawa Abeni and Afro Juju Legend – Sir Shina Peters as the show’s highlight, it was set to be an extraordinary event. 

Before Monday 11th and Tuesday 12th July 2022 – fest days, Afefeyeye Restaurant and Bar; a subsidiary of KAP Hub celebrated her Muslim customers as there was the provision of Sallah meat for customers who patronized the restaurant on Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th of July, 2022. This was a way to give back to her customers for their loyalty and continued patronage; indeed, it was a fun time at KAP Hub during the holidays!

Though this fest was organized to celebrate our Muslim customers, the show will now be a monthly event to be hosted by Afefeyeye Restaurant & Bar with Sir Shina Peters as the key performer. Extensive details on how the program will run will be shared soon, across our social platforms. Keep your eyes peeled for more information, and prepare your mind for solid indigenous entertainment.

The “Gentle lady” crooner Salawa Abeni dazzled the audience with her evergreen waka songs and graceful carriage on stage, showing her years of experience and expertise in her field. Sir Shina Peters who is known as a great dancer on stage also did great in entertaining the audience gracefully, as usual.

Indeed, the fest was fun-filled and entertaining as it was expected to be.

People turned up in their numbers and the positive vibes and energy made an electric atmosphere that exudes glee and fun!

Plans are in place for a Christmas Fest like the Ileya Fest. If you missed the former, you shouldn’t miss the latter.

Keep your fingers crossed for Christmas Fest.

Ire o!

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