Citation Wins Best International Film at National Film Awards UK

Society at large today is saddled with many ills that have fast become norms. One of these many ills is sexual abuse. Being a universal topic, it still has its peculiarity to some locality or nationality i.e sex for grades.

Kunle Afolayan- the veteran filmmaker in 2020 produced and directed the movie Citation. It is a movie aimed at exposing the unfair treatment in form of sexual abuse and sex for grades that most female Nigerian students go through. 

These students have chosen various ways to tackle this menace. 

Some students suffer failure year after year from the said lecturer if they turn down the advances passed at them, some never graduate as the lecturer involved will frustrate all their efforts, some deal with the lecturer by taking matters into their hands and this has different outcomes; the lecturer backs down, the lecturer’s heart towards them gets hardened and takes drastic measures to see them fail their school year thus, prolonging their graduation, and in one of the situations played out in Citation, death, rustication and jail term 

Moremi Oluwa a 21-year-old young, bright student who is writing her Master’s and nurses a dream of working with the UN finds herself fast becoming friends with a well-known and respected lecturer – Professor N’dyare who just finished working on a project at the UN. Being intelligent and able to speak French which is the lecturer’s primary language draws the lecturer’s attention to her.

The two become good friends such that rumor starts spreading on campus that they have a thing together. This friendship costs Moremi her relationship with Koyejo; her boyfriend who’s an older student on campus and can see through her professor’s friendship with her that it extends beyond student-lecturer.

 In the long run, the lecturer makes a move on her and sexually assaults her. 

With the help of a female empowerment organization, she reports the case to the school panel but because the said professor has a volume of credible citations, and rumor had spread that she had a thing with the professor. Because of these, the odds were stacked against her, and it was Professor Lucien’s words against hers.

To get herself out of this mess and prove her innocence, she goes back to Professor Lucien’s roots.

The National Film Awards is an annual awards ceremony celebrating the achievements of established and independent filmmakers, actors, actresses, casting directors, production companies, and crew who make up the motion picture industry. The National Film Awards holds 4 events annually in the United Kingdom, USA, South America, Africa, and Australia. All nominations and voting for the NFA are submitted and voted for by movie fans. The NFA is produced by the National Film Academy which also produces the new National Film Festival.

The National Film Awards is one of the only motion picture award show to offer the public an opportunity to both nominate and vote for all categories.

This year, Citation won Best International Film. The Director – Kunle Afolayan and the entire production team didn’t see the award coming and are grateful for the support and recognition of the public and the organizers. In Kunle Afolayan’s words “I am glad we got recognized without even lobbying”

Jimmy Jean-Louise and Temi Otedola at the awards ceremony.

Cheers to greater heights and more ground-breaking achievements.

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  1. Wow!
    Congratulations Kunle Afolayan.
    You are the first Nigerian to win this highly coveted award.

    This is worth celebrating by the Nigerian film industry, Nigerian Film Corporation (NFC) and the Federal Ministry of Information and Culture.

    The news will make the content of the third edition of my NOLLYWOOD MIRROR® Series richer.


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