KAP FILM VILLAGE & RESORT – Nature and Cultural Sustenance

Culture is the way of life of a group of people, it shapes their beliefs, traditions and ideologies. The norms and values of a group of people are usually informed by their culture.

Film is a cultural phenomenon. It reflects the values and beliefs of a particular group of people, though stories can be universal because they are wrought from human encounters and experiences, they are told to preserve the way of life of those that own them. 

African stories are told to show Africa to the world while Western culture is also showcased through their stories – film. Let’s discuss the Nigerian story to narrow the spectrum of African stories.

Nigeria is a land flowing with milk and honey and though the current situation of the economy says otherwise, her citizens thrive. Being a group of resilient people, Nigerians through their “hustling spirit” make the most of what they have and usually see their cup as half full rather than half empty.

The intricacies of her governance can be traced to the grassroots. 

This intricacy is why films like Saworo Ide, October 1, Araromire – The Figurine, Citation etc though produced years back are still relatable today. 

Literature says that drama mirrors society, it exposes the bad, praises the good, speaks for the oppressed and fights for the people. Oftentimes, people identify themselves through film, they see the hidden parts of them no one dares point out or the great part of them they’ve not found out. This is representation.

Knowing how much of a powerful tool film is, it should be preserved hence it thrives and evolves, it should be made better as the days go by and it should be made accessible.

KAP Film Village & Resort is a home for the preservation of film, cultural heritage and values.

The film village sits on a mass of land measuring over 40 acres where various infrastructures are being set up. Currently, a 40-room hotel amongst other facilities is being constructed for the convenience of tourists. It is also home to various animals like ostriches, donkeys, camels, geese, horses, cows, rams, sheep etc 

It is a work in progress and not just a tourist attraction but a financial blessing to the economy as it’ll boost its revenue, be a means of employment for hundreds of people, create a cultural sense of belonging for indigenes and a sense of cultural exchange for foreigners.

The existence of this film village for filmmakers will mean representation and for the film enthusiast, a soft landing. It will be an abode for filmmaking and a versatile “stationary” location for film. 

The preservation of our cultural heritage finds a place here and the continuity of life – values, beliefs and tradition, is made easier by the existence of KAP Film Village & Resort.

Word of mouth is no longer enough to preserve our culture, structure has come to the rescue in the form of KAP Film Village & Resort. Indeed, the beautiful ones are born and they possess their possessions unabashed!

Ire o!

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