KAP E-Learning Program; Bringing Film Literacy To The Grassroots Through Scholarship & Affordable Fees.

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances;

And one man in his time plays many parts,

Your lifetime is an entire season for you to play your part on the world’s stage, and let it not be heard that out of stage fright, you cowered and ran backstage. 

The irony of this article you’re reading is that it was written to tell you that there is an opportunity to learn an instrumental skill you’ll need to perform on “life’s stage”

We at Kap Film & Television Academy recently announced to you that our partnership with Mastercard’s Young Africa Works has kicked off, with the expectation of equipping 300,000 young people to start off and grow in a chosen career path in filmmaking in the next 3 years.

The most interesting part of this offer is that it is aimed at making film literacy affordable and accessible. The payment option for the KAP E-Learning Program is in two parts.

The first is the scholarship option. The applicants with seemingly low financial ability will be granted scholarship to study whatever course of their interest, they’ll be provided with a tab and provision for data will be made to ensure that they are adequately provided with what they need to learn, without hassles.

The second option sees to it that applicants who do not qualify for the scholarship still get access to the program by paying a #25,000 fee for Level 1 and #125,000 for Level 2.

The second amazing part of the KAP E-Learning Program is that you can learn on the go. Its an “E-Learning Program” which simply means “online”

Living and being a part of the society that makes up the second largest film producer in the world is pure bliss especially if you have a knack for film making or you are a film enthusiast. Being offered this kind of learning opportunity is a rare one that should be grabbed by the horn.

Level 1 is an entry level for beginners. Irrespective of whatever background you come from, this level of the program will supply you with the foundational knowledge needed to start off your career in whatever art of filmmaking is of interest to you while Level 2 is for people that already have experience in their field of interest, making it an upgrade class.

Watch this short clip for more details.

You can only know if you qualify for the scholarship program after you apply.

Watch this short clip for the simple application steps.

Dreams come through only if you conquer your nightmares – your fears.


4 thoughts on “KAP E-Learning Program; Bringing Film Literacy To The Grassroots Through Scholarship & Affordable Fees.”

  1. Raheem Sheriff Ibikunle

    Just Got my congratulation message from KAP e-Learning an opportunity for me to be a part of the program.
    Thank you

  2. I’m super excited I was qualified for KAP Academy E-learning ,I can’t wait to commence classes 🥰

  3. Thank You KAP, I applied for this and I have gotten a positive response, thanks so much for this golden opportunity!

  4. GOD richly bless you guys for this opportunites giving to us by making our dreams come true, I love it cause I already applied, I can’t wait to be a part of this great platform or should I use the word project thanks alot

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