All Work and No Play …

All work and no play makes KAP Hub a dull place and we aren’t dull here. We bring to our audience bliss and fun, which means as a production company we can’t be dull. We work hard and play hard?. 

At KAP Hub, we understand how to balance work with fun, and sometimes while most people work and have fun, we tend to have fun while working. Courtesy of Director Kunle Afolayan, last year’s beach hangout was one of those moments when we connected with our inner-child and had fun like there was no tomorrow. From the eating to, drinking and of course the games, no cap, fun seems like an understatement ?.

Honestly, with all the dancing and moments shared, I can’t think of a better way to end the year. This and many other events that occurred were a graceful way to end 2021, and right now, we are fired up. Make sure you Keep up with us this year because we will be bringing loads of juicy news and production candies ?. Ire!


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