“What’s Up” in December…

Christmas is just around the corner and the price of chicken is on the rise, it is literally soaring on eagles’ wings, but that is the gist for another day ?. December is a month that holds a lot of activities here at KAP Hub so, I will be dropping some hints on what we are up to which is basically “what’s up”.

The first on the list is none other than the upcoming release of the movie A Naija Christmas. But guess what guys, the movie will be coming through with something extra, a little something for the road and we are more than sure that you guys will love it, just hang on tight?.

Moving on, KAP Film and Television Academy registration will soon commence, can I get an oohyeaaah!! As mentioned at the beginning of the blog, this is just a hint so, hold your horses because the date will not be divulged until the process is completely done but don’t worry, you won’t have to wait for long.

Follow us on Instagram @kapfilmandtelevisionacademy to stay updated ?.

Ire Clothings is at it again, constantly dishing out swaggy outfits for your proper owanbe, and this time there is a December discount, but I won’t spill. Head over to @ireclothings on Instagram to get more information. Don’t dull, you snooze, you lose?…

Last but not least, KAP Cinema and Afefeyeye restaurant and bar are always the buzz. But this month has been parte after parte and premium enjoyment that you don’t want to miss out on because we aint playing here ?Make sure to make reservations and book yourself a slot on Instagram @kapcinemas and @afefeyeye_restaurantandbar. Ire!


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