The Official Trailer Is Out!!!

Something smells, but it doesn’t smell fishy, it smells more like a season, an exciting season…ooh! bet you know what it is, the holiday season but not the regular kind!!! 

We are officially in the month that bears the season of love, happiness, drama, comedy, and more drama because A Naija Christmas trailer is out. Yes, you read right! The official trailer of the movie A Naija Christmas is out and mehn! It is watering the seed of excitement and anticipation as it should. 

December 16th is the release date of the movie on Netflix. This movie genre is the first of its kind produced by KAP Motion Pictures and Golden Effects Pictures. It is also the first Netflix original film from Nigeria to 98 countries around the world. There is no doubt that this movie will be loud because like I say we don’t know how to play mute with huge deals. Don’t snooze on this one. Ire!

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