Imagine having a 45-foot-wide screen right in front of you, not just popcorn but a bowl of your favorite meal on one hand (it could be jollof rice and chicken or amala that is as light as feather with freshly prepared ewedu soup accompanied with some orisirisi) and a criminally cold drink on the other hand… oh well, snap out of it because that is what you will be getting at KAP Cinema.

It is no longer news that KAP Cinema is open, but the big news is that the cinema will be offering premium treatment to customers, which means for all the people out there who enjoy watching movies, at your comfort, you don’t need to choose between eating a good meal and seeing a movie instead you can do both simultaneously, cool right?? 

But that’s not all KAP Cinema offers you the convenience to enjoy the pleasures of the VIP treatment, which includes having a secluded space for you and your plus 1, or more, as well as getting mouthwatering finger foods and chops alongside your popcorn and any drink of your choice. If this package isn’t the real deal, then I don’t know what is?.

Hurry to @kapcinemas on Instagram and book yourself a seat ticket to premium enjoyment. Ire!


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