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Simmering But Almost Ready!

The tastiest meals sometimes take the longest to prepare…

This is not on food blog but a blog on the latest information on KAP Film and Television Academy 😉. To everyone who is anxiously anticipating the opening of the Film Academy, let me let you in on a little secret;

The Academy’s e-learning platform also known as Level 1, is in progress, and it is going to be an 8 weeks (2 months) program where students will learn courses on Scriptwriting, Producing, Production Design, Directing, Cinematography, Editing, Sound, and Business of film. Level 2 is going to be a 12 weeks (3 months) program after the e-learning that includes an in-person internship course after completing the e-learning courses. 

The ginger to register must be high now but calm down guys, because application into KAP Film and Television Academy will be released between December and January and all the requirements will be stated alongside the application, but until then live your best life, treat yourself to some good food and good music but don’t look too far because Afefeyeye Restaurant and Bar has it allIre!

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