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Home Away from Home

People say that there is no place like home, but that is not entirely true. We believe that “home” is your happy place, a place where you can retire from stress, a place where you can act freely and without judgment, a place where you can be You… home is Afefeyèyè Restaurant and bar.


Afefeyèyè Restaurant and bar is not just home, it is your one-stop ticket to unlimited faaji. Guys, this place is not called Afefeyèyè for nothing, it lives up to the standards and definition of its name. The name and ambiance are not all that is to this great place, but the food, oh! the food is everything blissful especially the new dish added to the menu, Obee Maami’ or Obe e Maami translated in English to “my mother’s stew” 😉. Hyping this dish won’t do the trick, just come, then taste, and see that the Lord is good 😋. 

In Afefeyèyè Restaurant and bar, there is no better yesterday because every day is a good day with a touch of glamour, a touch that suits every mood, a touch with something extra called ‘E’nkule’. ‘E’nkule’ in English means backyard and it is a cool spot for lovers of football as there is a dedicated screen for match screenings 😜.

It has been a fantastic 3 weeks since the opening of Afefeyèyè Restaurant and bar, and the learning process has been intense but fun and we are grateful. To have the best of Afefeyèyè don’t hesitate to call 09087555504 and 09087555503 to make reservations and preorders also, follow us on Instagram and Facebook @afefeyeye_restaurantandbar. Ire 😊!

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