Holiday with Afefeyèyè Restaurant and Bar

Afefeyèyè restaurant and bar! Just the sound of it feels good talk-more of the food, the drink, and good music. Abeg, this is one place we won’t be getting over anytime soon, not just because it is worth all the hype but because it is currently the buzz in town, mehn!

The beautiful thing is today is a holiday and a good day to stop by Afefeyèyè Restaurant and bar because we are open and more than ready to serve. So from Afefeyèyè Restaurant and bar to all our Islamic brothers and sisters we say Happy Eid el Maulud.

Don’t miss out on today’s delicious menu and grab your friends, spouse, siblings, or anyone down to Afefeyèyè Restaurant and bar then leave the rest to us, we got you covered. Ire!


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