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Afefeyèyè Restaurant and Bar Is Open!

Guys! Let me tell you what time it is? It is time for food and some good time, it is time to feel relaxed and taken kiaroff, and most of all it is time to treat your taste buds to something great. 

Afefeyèyè restaurant and Bar is officially open to the public!!! This is a brand born out of pure love for food, culture and, a good time. In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, this brand offers a good range of meals and beverages that cater to different tastes. 


Afefeyèyè puts the Fun in Funky not only with its exquisite intercontinental and African dishes alongside drinks but with the sound of music soothing to the ears from the live band. 

You don’t need to think about it at all, it is said that laughter is brightest where food is best, and Afefeyèyè restaurant and Bar is coming through with nothing short of the best. 

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