Happy Independence Day Nigeria

Happy Independence Day Nigeria

Freedom is the atmosphere in which humanity thrives, it is the oxygen of the soul, and breathing it in is a gift that should not be traded for anything…

Happy Independence Day and happy new month guys. Today is such a sweet day because it is not your regular kind of Independence Day. This day bears not one but two gifts from us to everyone who loves entertainment. Don’t worry about what the gifts are, we will fill you in on them.


The first gift is *drum roll*… Swallow is officially out on Netflix!!! The hype on the movie has been going on for the longest time, and now the movie is out. I mean, what better way is there to enjoy Independence Day on a low budget other than Netflix and chill with boo in the comfort of your home… Come on guys this is the premium package you don’t want to miss out on so, check out the link to watch the movie on Netflix.

That’s not all guys, so in previous blogs, we talked about some of the soundtracks in Swallow and how they were produced by KAP MUSIC exclusively for the movie, yeah? Oh well, now the soundtracks are out alongside the scores, and this isn’t a mere hype they are lit. If you appreciate music with a touch of culture, then you need to download these songs. Click Here to download.


Listen, enjoy, feel the music and give us your feedback. Ire!

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