‘Follow who know Road’: Media Tour

Friday, the 17th of September, was a busy yet interesting day for Mr. Kunle Afolayan as he went on a radio tour around Lagos to promote the movie Swallow. The theme of the tour was ‘Follow who know road in Lagos’ which grammatically translates to seeking knowledge from wise people.  

While on the tour, Mr. Kunle stood in as the Wiseman who had a lot of knowledge to disseminate about Lagos and its hustle but, he wasn’t alone; he was in the company of Tobi Bakre who spent the day understanding what makes the man behind the name.

The media tour involved 4 different radio stations; Classic FM, Beat FM, Naija FM, and Smooth FM hosting Mr. Kunle and Tobi Bakre. Conversations on all the radio rounds were nothing short of intriguing, as Mr. Kunle gave an insight on the process behind making Swallow and what Lagos means to him in relation to the movie.

The exclusive premiere of the movie Swallow as well as the 4 in 1 launch of KAP Hub is in 9 days which means it is still happening on the 30th of September, and it is going to be the buzz of the town!!!


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