Fun Facts about acting

Movie production in Nigeria started over 50 years ago and the name ‘Nollywood’ as we call it now was first used in a 2002 article by Matt Steinglass in the New York Times, where it was used to describe Nigerian cinema and Nigerian or African movies considered to be associated with Nigeria.

Acting is a double-edged sword, it may come off as easy but it could be really tough especially when you have to cry in a scene ?. Like everyone else, you might think that actors are defined by the nature of their work and you just may be right. 

Acting started as a simple type of art like most other professions that we see today and it required little from its actors. It was limited to actors simply performing on stage.

Back in the day, two major requirements for actors were the ability to sing and dance, which means if you could sing at the top of your lungs and sway your hips well then darling you were just good enough to be an actor, isn’t that exciting?

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