The Business of Screenwriting

Writing for film and television is the dream of a lot of aspiring screenwriters, but only a few people understand what screenwriting entails in film and TV. A screenwriter is a person who works within the craft of writing for entertainment media such as films, television series, video games, and web series. As a screenwriter, you are not limited to knowing how to write just screenplays or scripts, you have to be a problem solver, an Imaginer, a mediator, a collaborator, and lots of other things. 

Screenwriting is also known as script writing and when you’re writing a script that you want to sell, you have to consider the audience for your screenplay, the managers, agents, buyers and all the people your script could pass through. You need to know what movie is coming to the theatre near you so that you would have an idea of how to structure your script differently. You also need to know the styles and genres of movies that producers, managers and prospective buyers are interested in. 

While knowing what sells can be of great help to you as a screenwriter, it is also necessary that as a writer, you write stories that you are passionate about seeing on the big screen. Sometimes only chasing trends can lead to unexceptional writing and no original voice. Knowing what is selling is great. Knowing what you write best is even more important. Knowing how to merge your best writing with what the market and the audience wants is a double win. KAP Film and Television Academy will be coming through with full screenwriting courses and Master class, get ready! Ire!


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