Budgeting for a film can be a little scary, it is almost like sitting down and trying to draw out the map of Nigeria of the top of your head and then fitting all the states into it, but you cannot avoid it because it is an essential tool that will help you create a plan to launch your project off the ground. The goal of budgeting is to make sure that you have enough money for everything that will happen in your project, both expected and unexpected. 

Creating the kind of budget that covers all during production requires a lot of research and conversations with the director about what can be done with available funds. The more thorough and planned a budget is, the more likely the film will succeed.

When it comes to filming, you can’t afford to be afraid to call people and negotiate prices. Everyone you could potentially work with has a set price that you can add to your budget before saying yes to working with them. The best part about calling people to find out their pricing is that the price is always negotiable, so wear your negotiation cap.

Everything costs money, but knowing where that money is going and how it is put to use can help when keeping track of the budget. Ire!

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