Let’s Talk Turkey

Dear readers, if you think today’s blog is about the animal turkey and how great it tastes lying dead in a pot of stew or how possessed it may seem when it decides to chase you on the street for no reason, then you are wrong. Well, today’s blog is about some interesting common misconceptions people have about filmmaking and how important it is to throw them out of the window, shall we… 

First of all filmmaking is kind of mysterious, it is almost as if a whole new world is created with people to fit into it and then kept a secret until it is exposed to the world. All of these things make it easy for people to cook up weird ideas of what filmmaking entails but hey! we are here to clear that up. So here goes the list:

A director should know how to do everyone’s job on set

NO guys, it is not a requirement for you as a director to know how to build sets, design costumes, light scenes, or run electrical. However, in the wise words of our CEO Mr. Afolayan, “it would be of great advantage to you if you know a bit about everything or at the very least have an idea of how most things are run on set”. It not only makes you useful in all areas of production, but it also gives you a better understanding of what your cast and crew are required to do.

“Most of the budget goes to camera and lighting.”

Lol, this is funny because the cost of feeding the battalion on set is almost more than that of the camera package…maybe that’s a joke but honestly there are more things the budget goes to than just the camera and lighting.

Crew members should not talk to the Actors

So this particular one depends. It depends on whether you are working on set with an A-list actor, or you are trying to talk to actors while they’re in character and if you are dodging your duties so you can chat up the lead actor then, yeah, you shouldn’t be talking to the actors. But then again, it does not mean you should NEVER speak to the actors, just do it at an appropriate time.

Assistant directors are not needed to make a film

With both our hands and legs, we support having an AD on set. It is what we like to term as “money very well spent” because while they take care of all of the logistics and coordination of the production, you can focus on scenes, performances, and the story.

Cinematographers make bad directors

No, this is False. A lot about filmmaking revolves around constant learning, do not be limited to just a skill, expand your territory, and acquire more knowledge like Leonardo da Vinci once said, “Learning never exhausts the mind.”


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