Understanding the Major Art of Problem Solving

Like the popular Nigerian saying “problem no dey finish” applies to life, film production is not an exception. Filmmakers face several issues starting from raising money to pay for the production, understanding the pulse of the audience that they are trying to reach, as well as distributing the final movie through different channels.

Whatever can go wrong will go wrong …that’s one of the Laws in film production. Problems are not just limited to the course of filming, editing, and screening any content, problems occur in everything that can cause delays or unexpected expenses including weather disruptions and meeting the power needs of an entire crew. In Film school you are taught to understand most of these problems and how to tackle them.

The truth is you can’t plan for every possible unavoidable event however, having the right tools and strategies in your corner and being able to manage situations can help smoothen the potholes that line the road to a successful film.

Like a craftsman, a filmmaker needs the right tools for the job. As a filmmaker or an aspiring one, one of your major concerns should be the durability and versatility of your equipment. You never know when the weather might take a turn for the worst or where technical difficulties might force you to shoot something different from what you had in mind. Your equipment should allow you to be flexible. You can click here or check out goldeneffectspictures on Instagram for equipment rental.

As important as tools are, having a good storage system should not be undermined. If you’re using an actual film like the documentary which uses footage of real events, places, and things, your issue may be physical storage space and your ability to preserve your footage while you work and travel. With digital video, however, the issue is having enough hard drives with enough space on hand to capture everything you need. You need to have enough storage space to accommodate your files.

Practicing making films or being in a good space where you can learn how to make films , is a great way to prevent making silly mistakes and unnecessary problems. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you’ll never make them again, but it’ll help you commit things to memory. 

In short, successful filmmakers and producers are experienced problem solvers that can make just about any situation work for them if they apply the right tools and strategies. The days for KAP Film and Television Academy are drawing nearer guys, get ready because all these and more will be taught. Ire!

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