Another Season Of Film Master Class With Kunle Afolayan

“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but a product of the lifelong attempt to acquire it”… Albert Einstein.

It would be silly to say guess what, then again, guess what guys! Another season of Film Master class with Kunle Afolayan is cooking already, and like a properly garnished mouth-watering meal, this season has been spiced with the best ingredients, and it is about to be served with the best hands?. 

If you were a part of the first season of Film Master class with Kunle Afolayan, you would agree with us that every episode of that season had so much content and knowledge. The season covered several aspects of filmmaking from directing to cinematography, lighting, script development, production tips, and even the business of filmmaking, all of which were drawn from the perspective of the movie The Figurine. It is safe to say that season one of Film Master class with Kunle Afolayan was enlightening, with properly dissected lectures. If you still haven’t seen it you can check it out below, don’t miss out on premium content ?.

Over 11 movies and more than 100 awards later, Mr. Afolayan is bringing us another exclusive season of Film Master class, and like the first season, this one promises to be great. The major case studies for this season will be two of his award-winning movies October 1 and Phone Swap. In this season Mr. Afolayan will be letting you in on his uncompromising approach to filmmaking. You would also learn about writing, self-producing, working with actors, and making movies that break down barriers most of which will base on the evolution of technology in our present age and time.

So guys, get your notes, pens, chalks, iPad, whatever you have to get it ready because a fountain of knowledge is getting set up, and there is about to be an overflow. 


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