When It Comes to Art, There is more to it Than Meets the Eye

The beauty of Art is in its diversity and the room it creates for expression. If there is one man who has taken advantage of this room, it is definitely the legendary movie director, Mr. Kunle Afolayan

As an Actor, Producer, and Director, Mr. Afolayan’s works have transcended the boundaries of the ordinary and are producing a fresh crop of new Nigerian cinematography that raises the bar with regards to what the world expects of the Nigerian Film Industry.

The works of Kunle Afolayan have garnered acclaim and set box office records to unprecedented proportions. In over 13 years of existence, Mr. Afolayan has produced more than six successful and widely acclaimed feature films, namely; CitationIrapada (Redemption), The Figurine (Araromire), Phone Swap, October 1The C.E.O, and the Africa Magic commissioned trio Omugwo, Roti and The Tribunal most of which have been featured and showcased variously at international film festivals across the globe. 

Mr. Afolayan is not just a director recognized for his awesome movies but also his intellectual prowess.

Few years ago he was given a special invitation to the head office of KML in Amsterdam where he had an interactive session with the commercial directors of #airfrance #KLM in Africa and they discussed the importance of brand association and how film can be used to push sales, marketing and most importantly create relationships and connections among people, especially in Africa

In the bid to stop film piracy globally, Mr. Afolayan received an invite to Genève from the United Nations (WIPO), where he gave a speech about the opportunities and challenges in the Nigerian film industry before the UN Member States’ diplomats.

On the 5th of May 2021, Mr. Afolayan alongside a committee of four industry practitioners and four government officials were inaugurated by the Lagos State Governor Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu to drive film tourism in Lagos and fund youth creativity and entertainment activities. This inauguration earned him a seat as a board member of the Lagos state basketball association.

He was also a member of the Board of Lagos State Council for Arts and Culture. In a letter signed by the former Secretary to the State Government, Mr. Tunji Bello, Mr. Afolayan was flaunted as a man of integrity, selfless service with past records of impressive performances.

Not to be missed, Mr. Afolayan is also a member of the Bank of Industry advisory board.  He has also consulted for Access Bank’s creative section loan on the issues of gender equality and violence against women.

With his awards and international recognition from New York Times, The Guardian UKCNN and African Voices we can all agree that Mr. Afolayan is the artist who has constantly shown us that the painting never ends with just the brush and the paper… Ire o!


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