Reasons Why You Should Not Underestimate the Importance of Film School

Reasons Why You Should Not Underestimate the Importance of Film School

One of the most common questions aspiring filmmakers ask especially when it comes to filmmaking is, whether or not film school is necessary to get into the industry. Questions of whether a certificate, diploma or degree will allow them work on movies or make them filmmakers are also really common.

The importance of film school cannot be overemphasized and several people have their reasons for enrolling into film schools but here are some of the reasons why we think film school is important:

Time to Develop Yourself

Certain legendary filmmakers are admired for their mastery in filmmaking. They surprise us continuously with their incredible insights into the filmmaking method and exhibit the highest form of mastery. The reason for this is not far-fetched, it is due to the endless amount of time they devote to studying and practicing the craft. Film school will give you structured time to practice your craft in an environment that is safe and designed for that purpose.

Freedom to Explore

The freedom within most film schools is great, you are allowed to write scripts of your own or work with a writer, cast your projects, and (hopefully) complete them. Outside of film school it could be very difficult to get the opportunity to work with so many different collaborators, or to safely make the many mistakes that are seen as part of the process rather than criticized. Understand that failure, confusion and strife cost you more in the real world than in a conditioned space for creativity.


Film school professors are experienced individuals made available to help you realize your vision. They have spent years watching students succeed and fail in their course, and refining their methods of instruction based on that experience. The filmmaking process involves many rounds of feedback, on screenplays, on cuts of films, on casting choices, all of which your professors will guide and direct you through. The feedback process is an essential part of learning, and it is the backbone of film school.

The truth is that we simply cannot stress enough how important it is to build your network, and how film school allows you to not only do that but also learn, make mistakes, and eventually rise through the ranks with a group of peers without the pressure of being judged for your mistakes by professionals. 

Now, finding the right film school is the tricky part for there are so many things to consider: the method of teaching, the facilities available, the ability to open great doors and more. We mentioned in the last blog post that KAP Film and Television Academy will commence in the last quarter of the year well, if you understand the importance of film school then you’d see the necessity to attend the perfect film school. If we were you, we wouldn’t miss out on this opportunity… but we’re not you… so, the ball is in your court 😂. Follow us on Instagram @kapfilmandtelevisionacademy or click here to stay updated. Ire o!

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