Let’s Think Out Loud: What Is Your Opinion about the Movie The Figurine?

Let’s Think Out Loud: What Is Your Opinion about the Movie The Figurine?

Hey there! Let us tell you about a particular movie that left questions hanging. This particular movie received ten nominations at the 6th Africa Movie Academy Awards and won five awards including the award for the best picture. This film is the definition of suspense from the beginning to the end, and if you think it’s all about suspense then you are wrong… This movie was praised for its top-notch cinematography, storyline, art direction, props alongside its great soundtrack. In short, this movie is one that had everything anyone could want in a movie.

The title of this exceptional movie is The Figurine. It is about two friends who find a mystical sculpture that bestows good luck for seven years but has dark consequences in the years that follow. If you have seen this movie then you would agree with us that it is worth the hype and all the awards, but if you haven’t seen The Figurine, then you need to stop dulling, go on NETFLIX, grab your popcorn and chill with the movie.

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At KAP Hub, we had a debate about the outcome of this film and we thought to put it out there to hear your opinion. Do you think the incidents that occurred in the movie revolved around superstition, coincidence, man doing the bidding of the god, or man trying to use superstition to his own advantage?

Do leave your response in the comment section below and remember, there is no one way to the end of this movie, but If you can prove your interpretation of the ending of this film, then it is what it is.

Share your thoughts 😁

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  1. Alfia

    The Figurine was masterfully done. The storyline, actors (I really loved Funlola’s character! :)), cinematography, and overall production quality was on point throughout. I was glued to my seat at every moment. I think that what was inherently mesmerizing about this story was the idea of superstition actually affecting people’s lives. I saw superstition being used to one’s own advantage. Femi’s actions were nothing short of shocking, but was the reason for so much suspense that kept us waiting for the next tragedy. I think that everyone could relate in some way to each of the characters and the themes of love, tradition, betrayal, and pain. Thank you Kunle for this beautiful work of art.

  2. Demola A

    I like the way it ended. Nice movie.

  3. Abimbola Gold

    I love every part of the movie, it shaped my thoughts about beliefs and superstitions, I personally think it was beyond the suspense but the thought process of every human who wants something that belongs to someone else, the courage to speak out and the strength to live with what we can’t change. I am still unable to answer the pertinent question… What do you believe? I hope to be a part of the team sometime soon.