If You Want to Learn How to Write a Movie Script, You’ve Come to the “Write” Place.

For all the writers in the world – including the newbies, the greatest nightmare scarier than a horror movie is staring at a blank page. Just the thought of that blinking cursor is good enough to make any writer’s heart palpitate.

If only there is a technology that will seamlessly write a story idea into a perfect movie script… Sadly, this invention is yet to be discovered. However, our scriptwriter, Mr. Tunde Babalola has a guide to writing a movie script that we’d love to share.

Tunde Babalola

For those who aren’t familiar with Mr. Tunde Babalola’s masterpieces, well he has written several remarkable scripts, including the CEO, October 1, Mokalik (Mechanic), and the Netflix Original Movie, Citation. Now let’s get right into Mr. Tunde’s guide to writing a movie script!

First, if you are looking for inspiration, you can choose your stories from everyday life and what happens around you. Anything and everything we see, hear, or read can be an inspiration for the best movie idea. The point is, you need to be vigilant because you never know when THAT inspiration will strike.

Once you’re inspired, waste no time mapping out that idea! From the characters involved to the synopsis, down to how the storyline should look like. Then finish it up with the page treatment before diving into writing your script. You’d notice that the question of writer’s block does not come up once you’ve done the necessary breakdowns.  It’s that easy.

Finally, after writing the first rough draft, you fine-tune it, so by the time you’re working on the 2nd draft, you’d be dealing with little tweaks. The trick is to work on your first draft like it’s your last draft until you are happy with every page you read. That’s how to write a movie script.


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