If You’ve Ever Been on a Movie Set, You Can Relate to These 9 Experiences

No matter the set that you’ve been on, there are always some experiences that everyone can relate to. A few are tragic, while others are downright exciting, but all in all, those who embark on this journey called filmmaking have a bucket full of experiences to share.

We’re pretty sure some memories are already flashing through your mind right now, nonetheless, here are 9 relatable experiences we are sure you have encountered:

Working Beyond the Wrap-Up Time for the Day

There is nothing more annoying than working beyond the wrap time that was stated in the call sheet. But on the brighter side, if the wrap time is earlier, who are we to be annoyed?

Getting to know the True Meaning of “All Fingers are not Equal”

If you think you know what a VIP treatment is, think again. I mean, if you’re not an actor, an executive member, or the director on set, just mellow down and dey your dey to avoid wahala.

You find yourself loving the Team Spirit and the Bonding Time.

A vital part of every film set is the time spent with family, and by family we mean the cast and crew. Wrapping up a good production is also important, but working and bonding together will take your mind off the stress. We shared a few of these moments on the set of our latest movie, Swallow. Click (Here) and (Here) to see them.

The Ecstatic feeling when you hear “It’s a Wrap”

Does this really need any further explanation? ? We don’t think so.

Falling in Love or Falling out of Love with the Actors

In this case, it can go either way – you fall in love with them, or you fall out of love with them as you get to know their true personality and not just what you see on screen.

Being extra careful around Film Equipment

We’ll hate to be in your shoes when that expensive equipment spoils. Our advice: Don’t touch things that you are not in charge of in your department – even if you’re just trying to help. Better safe than sorry.

Getting Bruised on Set

If you’ve been on set and you came out without any injury, count yourself among the lucky few that made it out with their skin untouched. ?

Anticipating the Wrap Party

In all honesty, after a few weeks or months mixed with some night and early morning shoots, you begin to look forward to the wrap party to unleash all that pent-up stress.

Missing the Set Life and Hoping to do it all Again

That’s right. No matter how stressful filmmaking can be, you can’t help but LOVE every bit of it. Good thing we’ve got a couple of new movies to film ? Click (Here) to know what they are about.


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