Ire Clothings Runway Debut At The 2018 African Fashion Week Nigeria (AFWN)

Knock knock, are you there? Oh yes, glad you are here ? 

So in our last blog we did a throwback to Ire Clothings appearance at the 2019 Fashion Souk 3.0. Today we will be throwing it back to Ire Clothings runway debut at the 2018 African Fashion Week Nigeria (AFWN).

Do you know that this event featured in This Day newspaper under the fashion and beauty segment on the 13th of October 2018? Interesting right? . It really is a day to remember. We had celebrities like Tobi Bakre, Ademola Adedoyin, Caroline Ekanem amongst others dressed in our Kunleskembe and Ire Tshirt strutting down the runway.

Well that’s enough, let’s allow these pictures and video do the talking.

Watch this:

Press Play

P.S; You can place an order for your Kunleskembe on our Instagram page @ireclothings.


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