8 Things to Know About Our Latest Project “Swallow”

Recently, we announced our three-title partnership with Netflix. Click (here) if you missed it. And if there is one thing that we love about this announcement, it’s the fact that we are currently in the post-production stage of this project. It still feels like yesterday when we were on set with the cast and crew. The enthusiasm and energy were unbelievable!

Nonetheless, as you anticipate this film, here’s a little something to tickle your movie cravings: 8 things you need to know about Swallow.

The Script is Co-scripted by Sefi Atta and Kunle Afolayan.

We already know what happens when two great creative minds come together – and this duo is no exception. Sefi Atta is a Nigerian-American novelist, short-story writer, playwright and screenwriter whose works illuminate the African culture and tradition. Such works include Swallow which narrates the story of a naive secretary whom, after a series of career woes, considers her roommate’s offer to work as a drug mule in mid-1980s Lagos.

Some Scenes will be Achieved with Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) and Green Screen.

Yup! We went all out to bring back the 80s era, and we can’t wait till you see these created scenes.

Same Director of Photography as that of Citation

Remember those badass camera angles and cinematography in #Citationthemovie, well our director of photography, Jonathan Kovel brings it all back and more in Swallow.

We had the Legendary Filmmaker, Tunde Kelani (TK) on Set.

It was truly an honor to have our role model, Tunde Kelani (Tk) on set while we were filming.

The Entire Film was Shot with Canon C500 Mark ii

We had our track & dolly, cranes, lights, diffuser, boom mics, and our Canon C500 Mark ii (amongst other film equipment) all setup to create this masterpiece. Just so you know, these equipment and more are available for rent from @goldeneffectspictures on Instagram

Swallow will be a Netflix Original Movie

From the stables of KAP Motion Pictures & Golden Effects Services, we will be presenting yet another Netflix Original Movie. So ladies and gentlemen, sit back and anticipate this film, cause it’s gonna be epic.

A Twist was Made to the Original Story.

Oh yes! There’s nothing better than a good plot twist, and Kunle Afolayan gave the book a great spin while maintaining the original storyline.

This will be Eniola Akinbo (Niyola) and Oreofe Lawal’s Movie Debut.

And for the grand finale, the singer/songwriter; Eniola Akinbo (Niyola) and the little boy who went viral for his saying “Mummy please be calming down” Oreofe Lawal will make their first public appearance in film as Tolani Ajao (lead actress) and Ayo in #Swallowthemovie.  

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  3. Amazing body of work whenever I see Kunle Afolayan. I look forward to working under him soon or with him in the nearest future.

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